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To encourage and enable more developers to get on the path of DDD, is it reasonable to allow a more pragmatic approach over a principled approach of adhering strictly to DDD guidelines? While we all want to work on shiny new software with shiny new technology, the reality is that many developers and teams are stuck maintaining legacy systems. While typically these systems continue to work, maintaining them can be painful. Yet the cost of replacing the old systems with new ones is unimaginable and financially untenable for many companies. How do we deal with this situation without abandoning our clients who are not yet candidates for rewrites or even for lift and shift?

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With Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, developer’s data access options have increased substantially. In addition to using ADO.NET to create DataReaders or DataSets, Microsoft has added LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework as well as ADO.NET Data Services, which leverages those two. In addition to these new options, there are new syntaxes to learn. LINQ, which is built into Visual Basic and C#, has one implementation for LINQ to SQL and another for LINQ to Entities.

I’ve also posted the sample code for the course in this repository on my Github account. 📺 Watch my popular Pluralsight courses on EF Core and Domain-Driven Design My Pluralsight author page. If you have been working with the ADO.NET Entity Framework, you have probably been extremely eager to get your hands on the next version that is now part of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0.

Thanks to Docker and Windows Containers, it’s now possible to have a no-fuss, full SQL Server instance on your development, test or QA machine. You can use SQL Server for Linux in a Docker container on any platform that supports a Docker engine or SQL Server in Windows Containers. The containers allow you to instantly spin up one or more SQL Servers as needed and wipe them out then restart a clean instance when the time is right. This makes for a killer developer environment to have the full power of SQL Server without the fuss.

Transform Your ASP.NET Core API into AWS Lambda Functions

Julie shows you how to store a database’s connection string along with its elements in Azure Key Vault. I work with teams to guide them towards re-thinking their software architecture and adapt to modern practices. But Glenn was unimpressed and created some new ones and sent them to me. Like many of us who are now creating content at home I recently added an Elgato Stream Deck controller to my toolkit, along with some key lights, too! I use the stream deck to control the lights while recording video that requires that I be in it.

julie lerman

In Entity Framework, you have the option to use LINQ to Entities as well as two other ways of querying with Entity SQL, as you can see in Figure 1. But I still had to tear a few Avance Consulting Services Windows Systems Network Engineer SmartRecruiters more hairs out before I got it working and came to love ClickOnce. I’m writing this article to share some of the not-so-obvious ways to use ClickOnce for application deployment.

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She also provides deep dives into Entity Framework for her clients in the .NET world. Julie is a long-time Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and Docker Captain who lives in the hills of Vermont and continues to be known as the world’s top expert in Entity Framework. You can find Julie giving keynotes and hard-core coding sessions on Domain-Driven Design, Azure, Entity Framework and other topics at software conferences around the world.

  • Database servers are monolothic, resource intensive and mostly viewed as set in stone.
  • Julie Lerman is a Microsoft Regional Director, Docker Captain and long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades.
  • You’ll also get a peek at the DevOps side of this, including using images in your CI/CD process.
  • With Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, developer’s data access options have increased substantially.

The code failed in the same place but this time I got an HTTP 401 error result — Unauthorized client access. For background on EF, see my previous article, “Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework” in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of CODE Magazine. While participating in a truly global community, my heart belongs to the tech community in Vermont. I founded the Vermont.NET user group in 2002 and we continue to have monthly meetings all these years later. The .NET community fostered a variety of other tech communities and many of them share our meetup which is over 2000 strong. I initiated the Vermont Code Camp in 2009 and continue to be a lead co-organizer.

There is also a free plan for business accounts.

In this hands on workshop you’ll work with well-designed aggregates and explore how far EF Core 2 goes to act as the data model between your domain classes and your data store. There are so many wonderful concepts, philosophies, patterns, practices and techniques to learn and benefit from. Some of the best minds in the industry have been tuning these practices for years to ensure developers are able to implement proven, successful approaches to software design. Domain modeling in particular is very specific with guidance on designing and coordinating the dance between the myriad moving parts in our system. Yet learning the principals of DDD can be daunting for developers who are new to DDD.

  • Julie blogs at thedatafarm.com/blog, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, numerous magazine articles and popular training videos on Pluralsight.com.
  • This is an annoyingly inefficient use of resources and developers and architects have been stuck playing cat-and-mouse trying to reduce the waste.
  • You can find Subscriptions in the search bar if needed.
  • So the rest of this blog post is simply relaying what Joe taught me.
  • DDD offers strategic patterns for designing systems as well as tactical patterns for architecting solutions and implementing code .

Agile practices teach us how to deal with evolving applications but so often the data store is overlooked as a component of your application lifecycle. Database servers are monolothic, resource intensive and mostly viewed as set in stone. Encapsulating your database server in a container and your database in a storage container can dramatically lighten the load and make your database as agile as your model and other processes. And you can even use a serious enterprise class database like SQL Server this way.

Long referred to as “EF Version 2,” this version is now called Entity Framework 4 or EF4, to align with the .NET Framework 4.0 version. Learn how to move an Existing ASP.NET Core API to a Serverless Application Model application which is a form of AWS Lambda Functions. Azure Functions take care of most of the server-related problems tied to hosting. Julie shows you how to integrate them with your own app and then monitor the results.

Exploring EF Core Support for DDD Patterns

It is a set of Azure services that rely an Azure Active Directory for credential management – referred to as Managed Identity. One of the classic problems with database applications is refreshing stale data. Imagine a typical e-commerce site with products and categories. A vendor’s product list most likely does not change very often and their category list changes even less frequently. However, those same lists must be queried from the database over and over again every time a user browses to that Web site. This is an annoyingly inefficient use of resources and developers and architects have been stuck playing cat-and-mouse trying to reduce the waste.

Even if you have already made the tough choices as to which ones to focus on, how can you incorporate the effort mastering them while still performing the work that your day job requires? How do you stay relevant and productive and continue to elevate your career? Entity Framework half-heartedly supported DDD patterns. But the new-from-scratch EF Core has brought new hope for DDD practitioners to map your well-designed domain classes to a database, reducing the cases where a separate data model is needed. EF Core continues to be more and more DDD friendly, even supporting things like fully encapsulated collections, backing fields and the return of support for value objects.

You already love Docker, but you probably aren’t familiar with Docker Desktop. Julie learned how useful this tool is by doing it the hard way. And as the name suggests, you can also choose how you would like to visualize these details. Please verify insurance information directly with your doctor’s office as it may change frequently. Or any of the other 7,000+ courses from some of the most knowledgeable devs who happen to be great at teaching …. Therefore, when recording a course, which may take me many many weeks, I tend to leave one of my monitors at 1280×720.

In 2009, Julie introduced Vermont Code Camp and has been co-organizing this event annually. She was a founding board member of the Vermont Software Developer Alliance and served on the board for 3 years and is proud to be on the judging panel of HackVT, a 24 hour hack-athon in Vermont. Microsoft has recognized Julie in their MVP program every year since 2003.

But I’m constantly doing other things on that monitor such as email or writing and that resolution is discomforting. I did all of the work in Visual Studio on my Windows machine because there is a very feature rich extension called AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. There are also extension for VS Code, JetBrains’ Rider and other https://cryptominer.services/ IDEs (not just for .NET). The ones for VS Code and Rider are more focused on serverless apps so they don’t have all of the features of the one for Visual Studio. If you click on your login info on the top right corner of the portal, you may already have an easy option available for switching to the new account for logging in.

I have two identities in my O365 account – julia and jlerman. The jlerman account has the same exact email address as my Live account. Let me help you avoid suffering through another failure. Don’t try to add in an O365 identity that has the same email address as the personal identity.

These developers hold the tenets of domain-driven development and testability very high. Julie shows you how the development team listened to the community for this latest release as she explores all the cool new tools. Julie explores how to get started with Azure Data Explorer and makes sense of it for those developers who are curious but don’t have big data projects to work on. She has been instrumental Agile Software Development Lifecycle Phases Explained in recovering insurance proceeds in many disputed coverage matters arising out of a wide range of insurance claims–from health benefits to liability claims to property damage claims. Julie started the Vermont.NET User Group in 2002 and is still leading it 12 years later. She was part of the original INETA leadership when it was a truly international organization and served on its board.

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